Residential Units

On placement of a child we run a thorough assessment of each individuals needs. We then meet these needs by providing any form of therapy, counselling or alternative therapy the young person needs.

The units also provide education and a re-integration package, if needed, to work alongside a young persons school and to address the behaviours preventing a young person from being able to allow them to attend school or any other educational establishment. Placements are expected to last for a minimum of six months.

Whilst we carry out our assessments and then work in partnership with the placing authority to move the young person on.

Moving on:

This may be to a foster placement, back-to-birth family or on to one of our other units.

We work in partnership with local fostering agencies, independent fostering agencies, independent children's homes to mention but a few services available to young people.

Effective and positive moves are key to success. Our key worker will be directly involved in 'moving on' and the key worker is available to visit the young person in future placements. We feel that this is important to young people when they have built a relationship with one of our staff. It affords the young person some consistancy in their lives.

Our residential units are Verona House, Lingate Cottage (2 bedded unit), Yew Tree Cottage (3 bedded unit), and we are just starting work on our fourth unit.
Lindgate and yew Tree are semi-detached properties (semi-detached to each other). They are 18th Century cottages which have been beautifully restored to our usual high standard.

Services provided in residential units are:

Young people can also undertake their hobbies or activities. There are parties and festivals to mark significant events and visits from family members are encouraged and supported when appropriate.

All staff are highly skilled individuals and a minimum of 80% of of staff hold the NVQ 3 in Children and Young People. All staff are trained in First Aid.