Fleetwood Cottage is a residential unit offering a home to 2 young people from 5 - 17 years of age.

Fleetwood Cottage is located at 22 Fleetwood Avenue, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 8QS

An overview of the house

The house is a large detached turn of the century town house, providing accommodation on two floors. Each room is large with ample space for single occupancy. It is Pilgrim Corners policy that one young person will occupy each room although consideration will be given to same sex sibling groups sharing a room provided that a risk assessment supports the viability of this scenario.

The house will offer the facility for school placements. Each young person’s room will be equipped with the necessary furniture to support private study should the young person wish to do so.

The house has 3 reception rooms, kitchen, two bathrooms and 2 bedrooms in total.

Ground Floor

Two lounges, one of which is our quiet room where young people may go to read, sit quietly, listen to music or audio books. No TV is provided in this room.

Dining Room

A multifunctional space where apart from its main use for eating meals, this room can be used to study, play games and hold meetings.


Young people may work in  the kitchen if they are participating in a kitchen skills session and they may also obtain drinks and snacks for themselves from this area.

First Floor

This floor comprises our sleeping and bathroom facilities. This floor is monitored for night-time movement by an alarm system.


We have two single bedrooms,  which you can view on this site. There are no bedrooms suitable for sharing should circumstances and risk assessment allow. Each bedroom has a desk for our young people to study at.