Lingate Cottage

Lingate Cottage is a residential unit offering a home to two young people from 5 - 17 years of age.

Lingate Cottage is located at Thornden Wood Road, Greenhill, Herne Bay, Kent.

An overview of the house

The house is a large semi-detached turn of the century town house, providing accommodation on two floors. Each room is large with ample space for single occupancy. It is Pilgrim Corners policy that one young person will occupy each

The house will offer the facility for school placements. Each young person’s room will be equipped with the necessary furniture to support private study should the young
person wish to do so.

The house has two reception rooms, an industrial specification kitchen, one bathroom and two bedrooms in total.

Ground Floor: Communal Areas

The ground floor comprises of two large reception rooms, lobby and a
kitchen. A ‘school room’ will be setaside during the day and each young person’s room will be furnished with the necessary equipment to support private study

First Floor: SleepingAccommodation

The first floor comprises of one bathroom and 2 bedrooms.

Gardens & Recreational Areas 

The property benefits from a spacious garden to the rear. This is planted with a sensory planting scheme to provide a relaxing combination of colour, texture
and smell.

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